Are you an animal lover? Do you have a site or web page dedicated to a special pet or animal? You just may be interested in joining this ring!

There are a few rules for joining this ring!

First of all, this is a Christian web ring
dedicated to animals loved by God and His followers.

Now for the "list" of rules:

1) Site must be family friendly. We are a family Web Ring,
all pages and links must be viewable by all ages.

2) Must not say anything hateful about anyone,
the love of God must be apparent at all times.

3) Must not malign other denominations (see above).

4) Must not include anything to cause distention among Christians.
We're all on the same team here...

5) Must not express a view that evolution may have been a
tool used by God. Don't blame God for the random,
chaotic nature of the theory of evolution.

6) Must not compare Jesus to men of great historical significance; in other words, sites that claim Jesus was just a great man like Muhammad or Plato. Jesus Christ Our Savior is the one and only Savior and is not to be considered the same as earthly men.

7) Must not declare everyone is or will become a god, e.g., "We are all part of the universal being and will inevitably go to heaven."

8) Must not proclaim that all of the world's religions are really offshoots of Christianity and all are equally valid.

9) Must not claim to have received prophecy and publish it on your site.

10) Must not be completely written in a language
other than and excluding English (We are sorry but we only speak and read English and can't monitor or screen foreign-language sites). If your site offers different translations of the site Praise the Lord for being available to a greater number, these sites will not be deemed unacceptable for this reason.

11) Must not contain objectionable, non-Christian material
this would include but is not exclusive of: transcendental meditation, astral projection, white witchcraft, use of charms and crystals, vampires, mystical creatures, tarot cards, wicca, pagan, faeries, physic readings, astrology, celestial healing, numerology, channeling, gods and goddess worship, earth religion, ESP, homosexuality, pentagram, new age, magic, reincarnation, karma, metaphysics, nudity, spells, automatic writing, rituals, vulgar language, spiritism.

12) Must NOT promote links, groups, or other web rings that support non-Christian beliefs. We understand some sites must carry a banner ad placed there by the server and we make allowances for these.

13) If providing a guestbook, message board, or chat area on your site you are also responsible for making sure none of the above mentioned things are left there during your time on earth.

14) Must display the ring code on the page submitted, if code is not found site will be removed.

15) Upon acceptance email address must be kept current. If you change address please notify us - we must be able to contact you with updates and news of the ring or you will be removed from members list.

16) Web site address must be kept current. If you move let us know! If your page or the code cannot be found you will be removed from membership. (If you are having a problem, let us know we may possibly be able to help).

That all said, if you agree to and your site meets the above rules and you would like to join our ring please feel free to click on "join" below.