Shane's Page
(my youngest of 4)
(I'm sorry if this page seems busy but I wanted pictures
and Shane wanted "action". He is a very active guy!)

Born May 4, 1991 - 10lbs 10ozs - 24inches long!
This is my baby -
which he hates me to call him.
Sorry honey - couldn't help myself.

A rough day of camping,
hiking and fishing.
He sleeps like and angel even with
3 females laughing and
talking in the same tent :)

only a young boy can understand
the glory in covering themselves in mud -
I know I'm totally confused!

Now is this a face only a mother could love?
Wrong, it's also one all the "buddies" try but fail to duplicate!

(4 years old)

The Natural Born Fisherman

Now, I know I was there the day he was born, but I can't for the life of me remember there being a fishing pole of any kind in hand as he was welcomed into this world.

(5 years old)

From age four to age five never caught a fish he could bait his hook, there were nibbles and bits He never lost hope his dreams to come true, where ever he went the pole would come too.

(6 years old)

At six he was sure this was the year and believe it or not he was right. Fishing the Au Sable with Uncle Al and Russ He caught the biggest fish of the three.

(7 years old)

Now it's old hat, has lost count of his catch, takes the fish off himself, has even cleaned one or two, but still won't eat a one.

(8 years old)

I guess he was afraid I might miss a year so choose his own props for school photos, What else but a fishing pole would Shane have picked.

He's my little fisherman and wouldn't change a thing because you see Mom gets to eat what he will not and she loves every little bite.

I think by now you already know what to expect when you turn Shane loose with a camera in hand? Well of course what else but a picture of a fishing pole!

(picture also taken by Shane on the Au Sable River, MI)

"The Person I Admire Most"

"The person I admire most is my Aunt Helen, she has lots of friends because she is fun and is a great golfer and is teaching me to golf like a pro. That's why my Aunt Helen is the person I admire most."
by Shane

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