The Golfer

For his birthday in 1999 Shane graduated from putt-putt to "real" golf clubs.

In 2000 he has made a name for himself at local golf courses as a "great golfer" and many die-hard golfers have said he will go far. He's a natural and can out drive many adults.

Uncle Shane

There is more to Shane than just fishing and golfing. One of his other great joys is playing with and caring for his nephew Austin (1999)

Birthday 2000
Guess what he got!

Above is Shane seeing how high he can go, below is oldest brother, Shawn and his friend Brad (24 but still boys at heart), to the right Shane and friend Ryan (broken arm and all) put the new toy to the test.
note, Ryan's arm was broken prior to the trampolene)

Shane's First Award,
presented Sept 13, 2000 by Sue, he is very proud of it.
Thank you Sue!

Please visit Shane's "Gifts and Awards" page to
see more of the wonderful things he's received.
(See the bottom of the page for information on our
"Apple of God's Eyes" Award!)

Spring of 2000

If you have read "My Story" you may recognize this but it really is as much Shane's story as it is "Mom's". Most of his school years life Shane has had "problems", during the year he was in 2nd grade we had an on going battle with the teacher at the time and the school. I was getting calls weekly concerning behavior and discipline problems. The school insisted that he was A.D.D. hyperactive, yet this was a child that could set for hours and concentrate on a video game or watch a television show. Not to mention the hours and hours spent holding a fishing pole in his hand. This voice in my head kept telling me there was something wrong with people who were preaching "Say No to Drugs" but at the same time the ones who were lining kids up in the office to hand out drugs.
I/we fought and fought the system, missing work repeatedly because of school suspensions, no transportation (he got kicked off the bus). During the summer of 1999 I quit my job and started the journey of working from home. We do without a lot of things but the Lord blessed me with a contract labor job with the school system which has taken care of needs for the most part. My office is in one corner of the living room which makes it wonderful for Shane and I to share what we are doing, my work, his games, we'll even watch a movie together while each is doing their own thing all right here in the same room. With my freedom of working "my hours" I was able to drop in at the school regularly and my eyes were opened wide to many things. I've never in my life realized how "starved for attention" today's children are. Even ones who have 2 parents in the home crave the one thing that money cannot buy - Love.
During the 3rd grade Shane was not once suspended from school, was not kicked off the bus, got terrific grades, and was/is
NOT taking drugs!

(this globe was designed by Shane,
Mom's choice of picture but rest is him)

My sweet little darling, all boy at heart but still has his moments.
Gentle and kind, caring and affectionate,
I'm so lucky to have him as my son.

Shane's Gifts & Awards Page

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