Gifts to Valerie

I would like to tell you, this is far more than just your typical "Gifts" page, this page is a shining example of God's love at work. Made up of not just the love of a mother for her daughter but the love of a group of Christians for Valerie also.
Please take your time here, you will find graphics, writings, favorite verses, and much more. If you click on the gift or the name of the giver you can visit the site of the generous person who gave them.

awarded by Dorothy McEntire

awarded by
Karen Sinkhorn

from Kricket

awarded by Debbie


It's not what happens to you that can make your life or break it.
The thing that really matters is the way you choose to take it.

You can have a "pity party" and say life's not worth the living,
Or find some place that needs the love and help you could be giving.

You can crawl into a shell, and reach a state of deep depression,
Or count the many blessings you still have in your possession.

You can say that life's not fair, and that you simply cannot bear it,
Or seek what's good in life, and find a way that you can share it.

No, it's not what happens that decides the winning or the losing.
It's how you take it -- and you'll find it's strictly your own choosing.

Betty Jo Mings

from Sue (SuzyQsnews)

(a letter from another mother to her daughter)

Adolescence is the age
when children try to
bring up their parents.

from Karen

Deline's Country Home

from Melissa

God gave us two ears
and one mouth....
so we should listen twice
as much as we talk.


Great God, from Your own place,You look at me on earth.
You fashioned with Your love my heart before my birth.

You know my secret thoughts, and understand my pain.
Your love directs my steps in sunshine and in rain.

You hear and answer prayer before I even ask.
And give me help each day, with strength for every task.

Oh blessed, holy God, in humbleness I bow,
And thank You for the grace that overwhelms me now.

Forgive my wayward sins, and keep my heart today
Surrendered to Your will, and turned towards You, I pray.

Betty Jo Mings

A child outgrows your lap,
but never outgrows your heart.

from Sue (SuzyQsnews)

He is Risen
(a truly beautiful poem)
from Teresia

from Karen

To be in your children's memories
you have to be in their lives today.

The smartest advice on raising children
is to enjoy them while they are
still on your side.

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