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I don't claim to have something for everyone but do my best
to share what I can that may be of help to someone else. If you only find one tiny thing here that answers a question, gives you a laugh, encourages you in some way then I have succeeded at my mission. This is a family site - adults, teens, and children are welcome to visit. Although my 10-year-old may not understand everything here he is welcome to surf any of it and has helped with creating several of the graphics on my site. A few of the things you will find here are Christian ministry, pictures, graphics, and bible verses. Stories, poems, inspiration, encouragement, and music lyrics are spread threw out the site.

You will find this site rather "plain" nothing really fancy in this section but my hopes are you will set back and relax, find something (anything) you may enjoy or will help you in some way.

If you would like to enjoy the fancier graphic sets accompanied by music feel free to visit the sister site ByFaithOnly.com

Please note: many of the stories and messages on this site were written by others, many of which I am not aware of by "who". If at anytime you find something written by you on this site please contact me so I may either remove said writting or give credit where credit is due. I do not place these writtings here to "steal" them, I was merely very touched in some way by them and wish to share them with others.

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